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Chomping at Bits: Florida Gulf Coast fans get rowdy at rally

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Florida Gulf Coast fans have the same pride in their team that every fan of a Florida team that isn't the Gators does: Pride that is almost exclusively measured relative to the tallest stick in the mud.

Rob Carr

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Florida Gulf Coast fans let their feelings be known: "Fuck the Gators!" is an adorably FSU-ish sentiment. (Also: Timothy Burke, Deadspin)

How the FGCU offense works: Aggressiveness in transition that leads to rim-running. (Jeff Haley, SB Nation)

How do you stop FGCU? Don't let the Eagles make threes. (Craig Handel, The (Fort Myers) News-Press)

Previewing Toledo, Florida's opening opponent: For the second straight year, Florida's beginning its season with a MAC team that isn't a pushover. (Bill Connelly, SB Nation)

Florida among most-penalized teams of last five years: Alabama among least-penalized teams of last five years. SEC offices still in Birmingham. Sky still blue. (Jason Kirk, SB Nation)

Is a gay NFL player about to come out? A report suggests it, but Baltimore Ravens LGBT advocate Brendon Ayanbadejo thinks it might happen in baseball first. (Jim Buzinski, Outsports | Erik Brady, USA TODAY Sports)

LeBron's season of shutting up haters: All it's taking is a historic number of wins in a row. Easy! (Dan Le Batard, Miami Herald)

"Have you ever thought about watching a good TV show?" Patric Young, lead correspondent for Harass Your Teammates With A Mic News.

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