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Chomping at Bits: Florida overshadowed by FGCU?

Is anyone paying attention to the favorite in Friday's Sunshine State showdown?


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Florida sitting under the radar: Look, when the other team's got players saying "We made history" and "We shocked the world" in the past tense, I firmly believe you have the edge in preparation. (Chris Harry, GatorZone)

Florida sitting under the radar, Part 2: No one came to the Gators' news conference. (Jason Kirk, SB Nation)

Scottie Wilbekin or Brett Comer? I'm taking our guy. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

A 95 percent chance of winning? That's what Ken Pomeroy's system and log5 think. (Ken Pomeroy, the blog)

What history says about FGCU's chances: Not a lot that is positive. (David Wunderlich, Team Speed Kills)

On recency bias and the Eagles: Beating Georgetown and San Diego State was great. So was beating Miami. In between, many other valid things happened. (Jeff, Basketball Predictions)

How FGCU could beat the Gators: Many things have to go right, essentially. (Bill Connelly, SB Nation)

How Florida will beat FGCU: #Analysis. (Jean Shorts Torture)

Mike Rosario coming of age: Ro has matured so much. (Kevin Scarbinsky,

The Mid-Major Madness preview: (Benjamin Miraski, Mid-Major Madness)

More on FGCU coach Andy Enfield: Read up: These articles may no longer be written tomorrow. (Ed Gotwals, The (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania) Public Opinion)

Billy Donovan showing how to build a basketball program in the SEC: Alternately, you can be Kentucky. (Kevin Scarbinsky,

The digital media guide: I think this looks cool, but I'd never use it. (Florida Basketball Digital Postseason Guide)

Teddy Dupay talks Donovan: A nice coda to yesterday's piece on Florida's rise from underdog to top dog. (Marc Daniels, The Beat of Sports)

Taylor Gang's Sweet Sixteen preview: Cool, though I still wish he'd watch and draw from more than three different movies.

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