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Florida vs. Alabama: Adam Allen delivers the AA Review

Adam Allen and I recap the Alabama game, recall the championship he won two years ago by beating Alabama and preview the Vandy game in this edition of the AA Review.

Nothing came easy for Alabama on this day.
Nothing came easy for Alabama on this day.

Florida and Alabama have a deep history in the SEC Championship Game for football. But it's also been since 2009 since they last met for the SEC Championship. No matter: The evolving basketball rivalry has picked up the slack.

In the past three seasons, the Gators and Crimson Tide have met twice in early March with the winner either securing the SEC Championship or controlling its own destiny to do so. Florida won the first such meeting two years ago, and this year, with almost identical circumstances, the Gators beat Alabama again.

The man who got to start the celebration two years ago, Adam Allen, is back to share his thoughts on this year's late game tide rolling, which senior will get a triumphant Senior Day farewell, and whether or not Florida still has a chance at a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

In addition, Adam compared this year's championship team to the one two years ago:

"It's a lot different not being a part of the team anymore, but at the same time, I look at how far all the current kids have come, they're playing basketball the way it's supposed to be played. As a former Gator, I'm very proud to turn on the TV and watch my old team play, and we say, 'That's the way coach Donovan taught me to play.'"

You can watch the full interview here.