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Chomping at Bits: Gators still getting slept on nationally

In a sprawling awards column, Florida still can't get love. What gives?


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Florida can't get love: Thousands of words on the regular season in college basketball, and Florida's only parts of the write-up are a bit about how the loss to Arkansas was among the year's most shocking and selections for All-SEC awards. Florida's really going to have to win a title this season to get its respect. (Jason King, ESPN)

Does Dick Vitale love Duke as much as you think? The answer may surprise you! (Ben Cohen, The Wall Street Journal)

The 10 most powerful people in sports media: Jon Gruden ... is not actually one of them. (Richard Deitsch,

Gainesville's CordaRoy's to appear on Shark Tank: A CordaRoy's employee was also kind of a jerk to me when I brought in an old beanbag chair and asked what I could do with it. Look, how was I supposed to know that you don't want anything to do with beanbag merchandise you don't manufacture or design? (Anthony Clark, The Gainesville Sun)

SB Nation's design honored: This is pretty cool for us. (SND)

How Mickey snagged Luke: I'm not even really a Star Wars fan (I just can't believe it when people aren't familiar with it), but this is really engrossing. (Devin Leonard, Bloomberg Businessweek)

Meijer's social media victory: Knowing the minutiae of college football will in fact impress people who also know know the minutiae of college football. (BiSB, mgoblog)

Sickening abuse in MMA: This is a fantastic story, one I'm proud to see SBN produce. (Brent Brookhouse, SB Nation)

Here's Mike Rosario's alley-oop to Patric Young: I meant to post this ysterday and make a GIF or two, but time got away from me. Sorry!

Programming note: Later today, I will be heading up to Lexington to take in Florida's game at Kentucky on Saturday in person. Anything you see here today is pre-written, and some of tomorrow will be, too. But I'll still have a preview and a couple other things on Saturday, and I'll be available via Twitter (and in the comments, trying out our new mobile commenting shortcuts) to talk about whatever.

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