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Congratulations to the winners of the Alligator Army Bracket Pool

Four brilliant souls stand above the rest in a pool filled with people who believed in Florida a little too much.


With the 2013 NCAA Tournament finally and sadly over, we have winners to announce for the 2013 Alligator Army Bracket Pool.

Coming is first is Stephanie, who correctly tabbed Louisville as the national champion, had Michigan in the Final Four, and hit on five of eight Elite Eight teams, compiling 125 of a possible 192 points and making 41 of 63 correct picks.

Coming in second is Ben, who put up 122 points and nailed 39 picks, with Louisville as his champion and Syracuse in the Final Four. Marcus Boyett took third with 120 points and 39 picks, and had Louisville and Michigan in his Final Four. Fourth goes to Chris, who brilliantly named his bracket "I can't find UK on my bracket," had Louisville going all the way, and made 42 correct picks, most in the pool and enough to overcome Louisville being his only Final Four pick to make it.

My bracket wasn't so good, though I would've finished just outside the top 10 had I picked Louisville to win it all with my head instead of Florida with my heart. No one in the pool had more than two Final Four teams, and no one got the Louisville-Michigan matchup; the best bracket without Louisville winning it all belonged to TavarisB, who had the Cardinals losing to Florida for the title.

Those four winners now have 72 hours to email me at and claim their prizes. I'll remind folks of this stipulation, but if you don't get back to me in 72 hours, we move on down the list.