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Chomping at Bits: Chandler Parsons buzzer-beater saves Rockets against Lakers, briefly

Chandler Bang means more than one thing.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Chandler Parsons bangs another buzzer-beater: Okay, so it only sent this game to overtime, and the Rockets lost in overtime, but with the No. 7 seed on the line in the West and a chaotic possession winding down, Parsons still drilled this three (that trajectory!) from 28 feet.

Florida softball shuts out Florida State in Tallahassee: Noooooooo-uh-oooooooo runnnnnnnns, and alsooooooo your chant is raaaaaaaciiiiiist. (GatorZone)

ESPN's weekly Gators chat: People seem somewhat concerned about the kicking game. (Michael DiRocco, GatorNation | ESPN)

href="" target="_blank">Michael DiRocco, GatorNation | ESPN Insider)

Jeff Choate's recruiting history: He's manned Texas for Boise State before, which could be a sign. (VirginiaGator, 247Sports Florida Board)

Florida: A No. 5 seed in 2014? I doubt it. More on this later today. (Joe Lunardi, ESPN)

An open letter to Florida lacrosse: This is cool. (The Franchise, Our Two Bits)

How to fix college basketball: Do a bunch of things that would change what Florida does only marginally? I'm in! (Brian Cook, mgoblog)

Tim Tebow has been healed... ...of some of his mechanical woes, supposedly. I'll believe it when I see it. (Bob Glauber, Newsday)

Understanding Colin Cowherd: This one's for Fla. Colin McGowan, The Classical()

Is everything you know about poverty wrong? That's the hook of this article, which tells me four things I already knew about poverty. (Mercedes White, Deseret News)

Your Gators moment of zen: That Parsons three again, in cinematic slow-mo.

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