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Video, GIFs: Chris Walker wins 2013 McDonald's All-America Game Powerade Jam Fest dunk contest

Florida signee Chris Walker is very good at dunking.

Chris Walker's Monday night was better than yours, unless you did something better than beat Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Aaron Gordon in the dunk contest portion of the 2013 Powerade Jam Fest, which is to the McDonald's All-American Game what All-Star Saturday Night is to the NBA All-Star game.

The video above is the one from the entire contest, which shows you all four dunks Walker did in succession, but you have to see the two he got a perfect 60 and a near-perfect 59 for as standalone throwdowns.

This is the 60, a massive cockback off the bounce that Walker puts in while hanging almost at eye level with the rim. Walker's 6'10", which helps, but if he's got two inches of head above his eyes, and the hoop's at 10 feet ... well, that's right near a 40-inch vertical, isn't it?

Here are your GIFs. (Mouse over to animate them if they don't auto-play.)

The 59 was almost as good, coming on a 360 windmill, but he didn't put it in quite as cleanly, nor bounce as high, even though he got it to go down on the first attempt.

The requisite GIFs:

This last video is of Walker's least impressive dunk, on which he threw the ball between his legs off the backboard and slammed it home. But I'm embedding it here for the commentary.

The HCHS being referred to is Walker's Holmes County High School in Bonifay. Someone connected with the school cares enough about Walker to record himself watching his TV as he participates in a dunk contest. It's funny, sure, but I think that's really cool.

One last note: No, this wasn't the greatest high school dunk contest ever. I think the one that David Lee won over James White is probably the best televised one (I'm sure the actual best one is one White won somewhere off the beaten path), but no one really saw Walker here, despite Wiggins' best efforts. The behind-the-back jam looks really nice, but it took Wiggins a few tries, and his attempts to put the ball behind his calves were slapped back by reality and gravity.