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Jessamen Dunker will transfer from Florida, Will Muschamp announces

Florida's offensive line is losing another big body.

John Sommers II

Offensive lineman Jessamen Dunker will transfer from Florida, Gators coach Will Muschamp announced at a Wednesday meeting with media.

Dunker made headlines in January, when he was arrested for grand theft auto (really grand theft scooter) and suspended indefinitely by Muschamp. It sounds like Dunker's leaving because of that, at least in part:

But it should also be noted that Dunker was regarded by many as a bit of an outsider in a Florida locker room that has seemed more mature and composed in recent months. There's this Robbie Andreu tweet...

...and there were comments calling Dunker "kind of a shithead" and "not a stand-up citizen" in Inside the Gators' Parting Shots series ($), so it's possible that Dunker's departure is related to being a misfit in Muschamp's new football culture as well as his arrest.

Despite those character concerns, Dunker was likely to get a shot to play as a rotation lineman with the Gators if he made it made into Muschamp's good graces and onto the team, and his departure leaves Florida with more space to fill with big bodies up front.

It's likely that Florida will try to take an extra offensive lineman in the 2014 class to make up for the loss of Dunker.

Update: Dunker's statement, via GatorZone: