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Chomping at Bits: Where does Tim Tebow go after being released by Jets?

Tim Tebow stands at a crossroads after his release by the New York Jets.

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Matthew Stockman

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Tim Tebow's release could be an opportunity: Two different takes on how Tebow's probably got to switch his style up to stay in the NFL. (Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports | Adam Silverstein, Only Gators)

Where will Tebow end up next? Six possible jobs, and a compelling case for the Patriots picking Tebow up. (Associated Press / Dan Shanoff, For The Win | USA TODAY Sports)

Rex Ryan's Tebow folly: It's important to note that this was a gamble gone wrong by Ryan, but that Tebow didn't give Ryan a lot of reasons to take the risk of throwing him in at quarterback. (Ian O'Connor, ESPN New York)

NBA's Jason Collins becomes first openly gay player in Big Four American sport: And his journey is just beginning. Congratulations to Collins on being able to live honestly. (SB Nation | David Roth, The Classical)

Who replaces NFL Draft picks? For Florida, the guys who slide into the positions played by Sharrif Floyd, Matt Elam, and Jon Bostic are likely Dominique Easley, Cody Riggs (?), and Antonio Morrison, according to other SB Nation staffers. (SB Nation)

How did Chandler Parsons get this good? Much of this article is very wrong-headed analysis, the Parsons bit not excepted, but it's cool that Parsons gets to make doubters look dumb, and cool that a guy who did what he was supposed to for four years under Billy Donovan turned into an NBA stud. (Mark Titus, Grantland)

Imagining college football's split from the NCAA: It's harder than you think. (Dan Wolken and George Schroeder, USA TODAY Sports)

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