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Chomping at Bits: Florida needs wide receivers to step up

Florida's spring "game" was a snoozer. Wide receivers developing might change that in the fall.


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Florida needs wide receivers to step up: I don't think the Gators need that more than consistent play from Jeff Driskel, and I don't think either comes without better pass protection, but, yes, the basic statement here is true. (Pat Dooley, The Gainesville Sun)

Free us from false NCAA history: Vernon Maxwell is Florida's leading scorer ... except in the eyes of the NCAA. (Andy Glockner, One on One |

Do offensive linemen have a weight problem? I read this with my mind on Xavier Nixon, who was probably a lot healthier at 280 than he is at 315 or more. (Austin Murphy,

Explaining that ESPN story on Auburn: It doesn't make a lot of sense except as a referendum on morality, and the signifiers for morality it uses are maybe not the best ones. (Year2, Team Speed Kills | Spencer Hall, EDSBS)

How a UF professor helped perpetrate one of the best hoaxes in college basketball history: This is a really great story, and there is a Jai Lucas (!) cameo. (Rachel Bachman, The Wall Street Journal)

When will it be okay to laugh at Tennessee? It has been okay, y'all. (Will Shelton, Rocky Top Talk)

Mick Foley's next act: If you spoil Wrestlemania for me, I will find you and Stone Cold Stunner you. (Steven Godfrey, SB Nation)

Steve Alford is not the best guy: And now you see one reason people love to float Billy Donovan's name for openings: No skeletons. (Pat Harty, Hawk Central)

Gus Johnson, the so-so voice of soccer: I enjoyed this look at how (bad) announcing is done. (Colin McGowan, Deadspin)

Louis C.K., finding himself: After all, becoming America's most respected comic does seem like an ego boost. (Dave Itzkoff, The New York Times)

Remember Kari Klinkenborg? She was a Florida volleyball star for a while, did a fair bit of modeling work, dated Terrell Owens ... and is now doing this.

Today's Gators moment of zen:

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