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Video: Florida coach Will Muschamp leads Gators fans in "We Are the Boys"

It's a good thing he's not singing the loudest, I'd guess.

This video, via Thomas Goldkamp of 247Sports, is of Florida coach Will Muschamp leading the singing (and swaying!) of "We Are the Boys" at a Gator Gathering tonight in Gainesville. It's great, but I sincerely am happy that you can't really hear Muschamp's singing voice, because I would rather think Muschamp might be able to sing than be disabused of that notion by his butchering of one of my favorite songs.

Muschamp's comments after the rendition are great, too:

Now, through all kinds of weather, we all stick together — some of y'all didn't hang with that the first year. Shame on you.

I know, I know, I'm kidding. Everybody's great, actually.

I really like Muschamp's sarcastic finger wag on the "some of y'all didn't hang with that" — the guy knows how to work a room. But, of course, as the foremost defenders of #InAllKindsOfWeather, I can't let Muschamp changing the words from "In all kinds of weather, we'll all stick together" to "Through all kinds of weather, we all stick together" pass without comment. Come on, Boom: "In all kinds of weather" sounds and looks better, and "we'll all" does what "we all" does in describing Florida fans, but adds on the most important part of the song: A promise to keep doing so.

I think other Gators fans who come out to see Muschamp and his coaches across the state at speaking engagements would appreciate it if sing-alongs of "We Are the Boys" kept happening, too.