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Chomping at Bits: Will Muschamp texts his players "Are you better?" daily

Just another example of how Coach Boom inspires his players.


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Will Muschamp texts his players "Are you better?" every morning: Because Coach Boom knows how to keep in touch. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Muschamp welcomed at Gator Gatherings: 11-2 fixes a lot of things. (Edgar Thompson, Swamp Things | Orlando Sentinel)

New recent alumni tickets go on sale May 7: For as little as $200, recent Gators grads can buy season tickets for 2013. (GatorZone)

Josh Evans finishes NFL Draft diary: Very cool that even sixth-rounders have NFL teams working to make sure they get picked. (Josh Evans, Only Gators)

Adrian Moss speaks on his career, the Oh-Fours, and more: Love the word association part. (Bricks & Palm Trees)

Former tennis coach M.B. Chafin dies: He was a long-time member of the Gainesville community, too. (

A future memoir of Tim Tebow in the CFL: Here's a bet: FlaGators won't find this funny. (Jon Bois, SB Nation)

A real memoir about being homeschooled in the South: I preferred this to the CFL piece. (Jon Bois, VICE)

The most pressing debate of our day: And it was all started by something Joker Phillips posted on Instagram. (Horses should not play football: Adam Jacobi, Black Heart Gold Pants Horses should play football: Spencer Hall, Every Day Should Be Saturday Horses should play soccer: Brian Cook, mgoblog)

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