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Danny Wuerffel elected to College Football Hall of Fame

Finally, Danny Wonderful is the Hall of Famer we all knew he would be.


He’s the standard by which all other Florida quarterbacks since have been judged. He is the embodiment of the Fun 'n Gun. He is Danny Wuerffel. And on December 10, he will be officially inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, having been named to the 2013 College Football Hall of Fame class today.

The achievements are numerous:

  • Heisman Trophy winner (1996)
  • Johnny Unitas Award winner (1996)
  • Maxwell Award winner (1996)
  • First-team All-SEC (1995, 1996)
  • First team All-American (1995, 1996)
  • SEC Player of the Year (1995, 1996)
  • Four-time SEC champion (1993-1996)

And, really, that's the short version.

The legend of Daniel Carl Wuerffel started on September 11, 1993, back when he traded playing time with Terry Dean. That game featured one of the most famous drives, and best broadcast calls, in Florida football history. With eight seconds to go, Wuerffel dropped back and hit Chris Doering with a perfectly placed throw, and, well, you may remember "DOERING'S GOT A TOUCHDOWN!"

Wuerffel saved his best for last, however, when he brought home a Sugar Bowl MVP for his 18-for-34, 306-yard, three-TD passing effort to vanquish the Florida State Seminoles in January 1997.

The national title, Florida's first, was the crowning achievement of Wuerffel's spectacular career.

When his career at Florida was over, Wuerffel had amassed 10,875 yards through the air, as well as 114 touchdowns. Besides that, he earned the love and admiration from Gator fans for generations to come.

Today, Wuerffel got yet another line for a long, long résumé: Member of the 2013 class of the College Football Hall of Fame.