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Video: Florida commit Chris Walker does things, your jaw drops

"Sky" Walker, man.

I've known that Florida commit Chris Walker is very good at basketball for about a year now — I read things, and watch highlights, and so on. But watching this mix will drop your jaw over and over and over again.

A brief rundown of the highlights:

  • 0:04: We have ourselves another lefty Gator Chomp!
  • 0:26: He's at eye level with the rim.
  • 0:33: That ball is at least 11 feet up there.
  • 0:37: Chris Paul just did this in an NBA playoff game. Chris Paul is not 6'10".
  • 0:43-46: This is an absurdly bad shot ... unless you're more than a foot taller than the guy on you.
  • 0:51: Poor kid.
  • 0:56: Poor kid, Vol. 2.
  • 1:02: Bye.
  • 1:29-30: DEAR GOD HOW HIGH UP IS HE?
  • 1:31: Nooope.
  • 1:57: Okay, so this isn't a true no-look, but it looks great.
  • 2:25: Poor kid, Vol. 3.
  • 2:57: That is a hug, delivered with legs.
  • 3:31: You almost have to squint, but ... that's a dunk with an afro pick in, right?

Shouts to Home Team Hoops for doing the yeoman's work of following Walker around all year to take footage of him, and compiling it into one brain-melting mix. You are appreciated.