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Chomping at Bits: Gators football scores 968 APR, are also pretty good in NCAA Football 14

The Gators football team scored a 968 APR in the recent release by the NCAA. Even though that's a slight decline from the last few years, that's a pretty good score.

The NCAA rated 92 defense ladies and gentlemen
The NCAA rated 92 defense ladies and gentlemen

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Florida football scores 968 APR: The score is not only good enough to avoid any of the three level penalties that the NCAA gives out for low APR scores, but it stays in line with the previous scores under head coach Will Muschamp. Also, for comparison's sake: FSU scored a 954, Tennessee scored 924 and Georgia scored 968. The official document is available at the NCAA's searchable database. ( | Jason Kirk, SB Nation)

ESPN's analysis of Gators' schedule: This isn't filled with anything we weren't aware of or hadn't really discussed yet, but it's the summer and this is around the time of year when things get boring. (Chris Low, SEC Blog/ESPN)

Gators to have easiest September? Speaking of the schedule and analysis of it, do the Gators have one of the easiest months of September in the SEC? Well, according to one person, the murderers' row of Toledo, Miami, Tennessee and Kentucky is good for No. 3. (Jon Cooper, Saturday Down South)

NCAA Football 14 team rankings are out: The Gators' offense is a 90, the defense is a 92 and they are given an overall rating of 90. I think I'll take that, even though I would have probably upped the defense a little bit. But they are losing a lot and the offense is one or two points higher than I'd probably have it so I guess it evens out. (Chris Fuhrmeister, SB Nation)

Chris Walker working on gaining eligibility: It sounds like it's going to be close. (Kevin Brockway, Hoops Scoop/GatorSports)

Mike Zunino gets his cup of coffee: The former third overall pick becomes the third player in the Kevin O'Sullivan era to reach the big leagues. Hopefully he makes the most of this opportunity. (GatorZone)

Arkansas hires Andy Jackson: The Razorbacks have hired the former Gators men's tennis coach who resigned in 2012 to the same position. Jackson was the SEC Coach of the Year in 2002 and 2005. (Associated Press, The Gainesville Sun)

Personal thought of the day: Tim Tebow signs with the Patriots? Why has it always got to be the Patriots!?!?! I hate those guys!

Personal thought of the day II: #GoSpursGo

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