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Chomping at Bits: More Aaron Hernandez, freshmen on campus and Erik Murphy

It's a slow news day in Gainesville aside from the Aaron Hernandez mess.


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Aaron Hernandez charged with murder, released by Patriots: This looks bad for Aaron. Really, really bad. (Adam Silverstein, Only Gators | SB Nation)

The price of Hernandez: The Patriots did the right thing here, despite the lineup and salary cap hits they are going to take. (Bill Barnwell, Grantland)

Five potential All-SEC Gators: I love that Dante Fowler Jr. is on the list. Matt Jones? Duh. If you're the starting running back of course you're expected to be that good. As for Quinton Dunbar, yeah, I don't know. Seems like he's had too many chances already. (Robbie Andreu, The Gainesville Sun)

The freshman are here: The 19 remaining recruits who made up the No. 2 recruiting class last February are all arriving in Gainesville this week. (Zach Abolverdi, The Gainesville Sun)

Top 10 SEC non-conference games: Basically this is just another schedule list that shows the Gators' games against FSU and Miami. Think those games aren't big nationally? (Andrew Hines, Gator Tailgating)

Will Erik Murphy get drafted? He's got a shot because of his three-point shooting skills. (Kevin Brockway, The Gainesville Sun)

SEC hires hoops czar: I don't really think it matters, because the SEC will always be a football-first conference. It's just that way when your two biggest basketball fanbases are Kentucky and probably Arkansas. (Jon Pennington, MrSEC)

Personal message: I'm not sure if any of y'all are watching the 2013 Confederations Cup, but #ForzaAzzurri.

Personal message II: Why are the men's and women's prize money at tennis championships the same again? The women play a best of three while the men play a best of five, draw bigger crowds and have a larger television audience.

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