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Jeff Driskel selected by Boston Red Sox in 2013 MLB Draft

Yes, you're reading that right.

Jeff Driskel shows good form turning a double play.
Jeff Driskel shows good form turning a double play.

Before Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel became, well, Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel, he was a two-sport star at Hagerty High in Oviedo, with the second sport being baseball. Now, he technically has the chance to go pro in baseball, having been drafted by the Boston Red Sox with the 863rd pick in the 29th round of the 2013 MLB Draft.

Driskel was an outfielder with a cannon for an arm — go figure — in high school, and good enough that he was interested in playing baseball at Florida. That never happened, and won't, now that Driskel's Florida's unquestioned starter, but he probably had the talent to be a contributor in the Florida outfield. And quarterbacks playing baseball obviously isn't that strange: Florida State's likely 2013 starting quarterback, Jameis Winston, has been a solid player for the Seminoles; Brandon Weeden and Chris Weinke came back to football from long careers in the minors to have success; and Florida's had a QB take to the diamond before, in Gavin Dickey, and has former minor leaguer Chris Wilkes walking on as a quarterback this fall.

This pick is mostly for show, as the majority of the players drafted after the 25th round or so are just names submitted for the purpose of being submitted, fliers taken because players have to be selected. Driskel isn't leaving Florida to go play baseball for the organization that drafted Florida's Brian Johnson in the first round last year. But this pick does show that Driskel is still highly regarded as an athlete, and at a position that requires a lot of the skills Driskel uses in The Swamp in the fall.

I don't think he'll be switching fields — figuratively or literally — for a while.