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A quick editor's note: Plus ça change...

Is announcing changes that you're barely going to notice really announcing changes?

Al Messerschmidt

It is cool to be able to announce this, even a week after I should have: After almost three great years with SB Nation as a writer and editor, I have joined Deadspin, taking a full-time position as an assistant video editor. I began that job last Monday.

That means I won't be writing the longish pieces you've seen me write for SB Nation and link here, and ... really, that's about it for changes. Deadspin is graciously allowing me to continue doing everything I do with Alligator Army, and SB Nation is happy to have me as Alligator Army's lead site editor, so I'm happy to say that you couldn't get rid of me I'm staying here. I'll still be watching every Florida football and men's basketball game, and writing about every Florida football and men's basketball game, and paying attention to what recruiting news is out there, and tweeting about Gainesville weather — I'm staying in Gainesville, and may be buying a place, which is as terrifying and exhilarating as it sounds.

Basically, I do not anticipate any changes around here that you will notice (some of my workload on the back end is going to change, but y'all don't care), and if there are changes down the road, I'm going to be open and honest about them. Frankly, I think having a permanent place to live (and live by myself) is actually going to give me more and better time to write, which ... well, I don't want to say for certain that it'll mean more and better coverage here, but I'm optimistic that it will.

Last: Y'all have made Alligator Army a great place to be, and that makes the work I do here the most satisfying work I have done in a career — I guess it's a career, anyway — that I have been thrilled to have. I care really, really deeply about the Gators, and about serving Florida fans well, and I think what I and the many people who have been a part of Alligator Army over the years — mlmintampa, Fla, Neil, Richard, and so on — do here is and should be both important and fun. I may be leaving SB Nation, sort of, but I believe really deeply in SB Nation and in the "Fan perspective, pro quality" mission that is at the heart of SB Nation and Vox Media, and being part of SB Nation taught and gave me more than I could ever have imagined.

Most importantly, it gave me y'all, a Florida Gators family, the people for whom I have been overjoyed to use "In all kinds of weather" as a rallying cry. I'm sticking with y'all. I hope you'll stick around to keep yelling "Go Gators!" with me.