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Chomping at Bits: Florida Gators picked to finish 3rd in the SEC East by SB Nation

Chomping at Bits mulls the Gators finishing 3rd in the SEC East, the latest on Aaron Hernandez and says it's a good thing that Kelvin Taylor picked his dad's number.

Third place?
Third place?
Chris Trotman

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Kelvin Taylor on a mission: He wants to make a name for himself. That's great. Also, I wasn't aware that Fred Taylor didn't know he was Kelvin's father (Kelvin was born when Fred was a senior in high school) until Kelvin was five. Hmmm. (Zach Abolverdi, GatorSports)

Freshman pick their numbers: At least Kelvin picked his father's #21. I think that's how it should almost always be with a father-son. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

SB Nation picks Florida 3rd in SEC East: Personally, I think the race between the Florida, Georgia and South Carolina is going to be fanatic to watch. I think out of those three teams, South Carolina is the weakest of the three and the gap between Florida and Georgia is going to come down to turnovers (and probably special teams). (Jason Kirk, SB Nation)

48's the number: There have been 48 players drafted under Will Muschamp since he's been a coach at Auburn, Florida, LSU and Texas. (Pete Roussel, Coaching Search)

Is college football to blame for conference realignment?: College football will soon pass baseball as America's second most popular sport. (Eamonn Brennan, ESPN)

So Aaron Hernandez is probably done: Things just keep getting worse and worse. And apparently the ACLU is concerned about the size of his jail cell and the amount of time he spends in it. Are you kidding me? What a joke. But then again, I'm not really all that surprised because that's how the ACLU rolls. Which is... I'll be quiet now. (Adam Silverstein, OnlyGators) (Frank Schwab, Shutdown Corner/Yahoo! Sports)

Playing with Lionel Messi: Yes, this is awesome. I don't really suggest or tell y'all to read certain things all that often, but this is one of the times that I'm going to do so. Read it! (cstan5, Sippin' on Purple)

Random thought: I saw last night that Dwight Howard picked the Houston Rockets. Yawn.

Random thought II: The fact that a 12 year old beat cancer and called the cancer "Michigan" is both awesome and weird. Though it won't be too long until that kid considers Urban Meyer a cancer.

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