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Chomping at Bits: Billy Donovan and Billy Donovan Jr. share gold

Billy Donovan's now sharing most of his basketball triumphs with his son.

Tom Pennington

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Billy Donovan and Billy Donovan Jr. share World Championships gold: It's cool that Billy the Kid and Billy, His Kid, get to do things like this. (Chris Harry, GatorZone)

Lauren Embree named player of the year: A well-deserved honor. (GatorZone)

Swamp manager declined to press charges against Aaron Hernandez: Huh. (Jeff Schweers, The Gainesville Sun)

Urban Meyer's time at Florida isn't just getting tarnished now: Or, said another way: We knew or suspected all of this. (Barrett Sallee, Bleacher Report)

Imagining punters as Pokemon: Kyle Christy is included. (Spencer Hall, Every Day Should Be Saturday)

Florida swimming is getting a distance swimmer: It's the summer. (Braden Keith, Swimswam)

NCAA 14's great way of getting designers in the game: I love this. (Owen Good, Kotaku)

Kliff Kingsbury wants you to know about a failed fumblerooski: Kingsbury seems like he was the best possible offensive coordinator for Johnny Manziel. (Ben Glicksman,

Have recent revelations changed your opinion on Urban Meyer? Would you like being Billy Donovan's son? Which Florida player would make the best Pokemon? The comments are yours.


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