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Will Muschamp thanks "friends in Ohio" for turning in Florida for NCAA violations

Will Muschamp's got them zingers, boy.

Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

Florida got turned in to the NCAA by Ohio State for alleged recruiting violations back in June in regards to a supposed "bump" of five-star prospect Curtis Samuel by Florida running backs coach Brian White. We wrote at the time that it was more or less much ado about nothing.

Will Muschamp probably agrees, but he still managed one heck of a one-liner about the situation at SEC Media Days on Tuesday.

It works on so many levels! "Our friends from Ohio" is the passive-aggressive "I'll talk about you but not quite say your name" crap that Ohio State coach Urban Meyer pulls with "The School Out West" or "The School Up North," and "They certainly know something about NCAA rules" is the perfect shot for a coach whose program is squeaky-clean in the eyes of the NCAA to take at a coach who left that school for one that was under significant NCAA sanctions.

There's no doubt in my mind that Muschamp was smiling as he said this, and I think the joke's a fair, funny shot. If someone — Meyer? — chooses to make much ado about this nothing, that's on that someone.


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