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Florida football recruiting: 2014 OL/DL Dontae Angus commits, adds bulk to lines

Florida needs a few more big bodies up front in the Class of 2014. Dontae Angus definitely fits that billing.


Florida got another commitment on Wednesday, with Philadelphia lineman Dontae Angus calling up Will Muschamp and committing, as first reported by ESPN's Derek Tyson and confirmed by Blake Alderman of Inside the Gators and Zach Abolverdi of The Gainesville Sun. And with bulk being one of the Gators' biggest needs on the recruiting trail right now, Angus has what Will Muschamp's coaching staff is looking for.

Angus is listed at 6'6" and 330 pounds by both 247Sports and Rivals, and as a three-star prospect by both sites. If he's not a shoo-in on the offensive line, he's at least versatile enough to be tried at a few different positions — his Hudl videos show him menacing defenses up front, as one would expect a 6'6", 330-pound high schooler to do.

No matter where he ends up — Abolverdi says Angus was offered as a defensive tackle in April, but is now being looked at as an offensive tackle; Alderman quotes Angus as saying "They want me to play defense right now just like Sharrif (Floyd)," referring to the fellow Philly prospect turned Gator who has been mentoring Angus — Angus is a much-needed big body.

The loss of Anthony Moten over the weekend left Florida with one fewer defensive tackle than it would probably like to have in the 2014 class, but Florida's offensive line recruiting is lagging even more dramatically. Florida's only got three current commits on the offensive line, and of them, only Travaris Dorsey is considered a lock to end up with the Gators, given how Benjamin Knox has been flirting with other in-state schools for months and how Joseph Paul has been trending away to an extent that 247Sports has removed him from its Florida commitments list. (Abolverdi says Paul told him he remains committed to Florida.)

Angus is unlikely to follow either Knox's or Paul's path, as his connection to Floyd makes this something of a dream situation for him, and he's likely got more upside than either player, given that Angus' school coach told Tyson ($) that he is still new to football, and yet to get the sort of strength training or coaching most big-time players get.

Florida's not necessarily resorting only to players like Angus, whose upside trumps their current billing, to fill out the lines: The Gators are still major players for Jacksonville lineman David Sharpe, and may well be in on a few more players currently not linked to them. But having big bodies like Angus in hand tends to make it look like Florida is in control of its recruiting, not panicking or reaching.


Andy Hutchins writes for Deadspin and is Alligator Army's managing editor. Follow Alligator Army on Twitter and Facebook.