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Chomping at Bits: Florida gets another late-night commitment from Justus Reed

Florida added a second commitment in as many days on Thursday night.


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Justus Reed commits to Florida: More later, but I like this pickup.

Fan Day set for August 17: I will be keeping my streak of not going to Fan Day alive! (GatorZone)

Can a wheelchair-bound Gator get into the student section? I say we need to make this happen. (Stephanie Bechara, WCJB TV-20)

Michael Dyer's return from the hinterlands: A troubling past can wreck a promising future. (Bryan Curtis, Grantland)

Is the read-option about to be solved? That's what this article hints at. But I doubt it. (Chris Brown, Grantland)

The future of Frisbee: Why do you care? Because the guy at the center of the changes in the sport is a Gator. (Robert Weintraub, SB Nation)

Your Gators moment of zen:

The comments are yours. Do you like the Reed commitment? Have you ever been to Fan Day? Is there any chance I won't try to make every moment of zen for the next week a Miley Cyrus-related one?


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