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Florida football recruiting: 2016 ATH Tre Jackson, son of Jack Jackson, commits to Gators

It's nice to have deep roots in Florida. Jack Jackson's son committing to the Gators is yet more proof.


Florida's 2014 recruiting is at a crossroads as of the team's Friday Night Lights camp, taking place later Friday night in The Swamp. But Will Muschamp has his team well-positioned for the Class of 2016, with Trey Jackson becoming Florida's second sophomore-to-be commitment.

And Jackson's father's name will be familiar to more than a few Florida fans.

Here is where I'm going to be completely honest: I know zero facts about Tre Jackson beyond his bloodlines, and I imagine most recruiting analysts don't know much about him, either, because he's still beyond the typical two-year window for evaluation and recruiting of high school football players. 247Sports lists him at wide receiver, and at 5'10" and 160 pounds, and he's the third result for "tre jackson rivals," and checks in as a 5'8" corner who weighs 146 pounds on Rivals. 2016 prospects are tabulae rasae at this point; you may imply or infer whatever you want about them, and you have exactly the same chance of being right or wrong.

But I did a lot of due diligence on Tyler Byrd, Florida's other 2016 commitment, and came away wholly impressed both by him and Florida's chutzpah in pursuing and taking his commitment. Will Muschamp does not strike me as a person who just lets rising sophomores publicly affiliate themselves with his football team, and if Jackson is at or near Byrd's level of athleticism, I'd be happy with him even before factoring in his bona fides as a scion of a Gators All-American.

Also: Florida somehow has two 2016 prospects committed and zero 2015 prospects committed, despite 2015 looking like a monster year for the Gators. Recruiting!