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Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel has emergency appendectomy, could miss two weeks

Jeff Driskel's body picked the wrong time to rebel against him. Or maybe it was the right time?


Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel underwent an emergency appendectomy on Tuesday, and could be sidelined for two weeks or more, the school announced through GatorZone Tuesday afternoon.

"Jeff had acute appendicitis and fortunately the medical staff caught it very quickly," said Muschamp. "His surgery went well and how long he is out will be determined by how his body responds, which could be two weeks."

The surgery was performed at UF Health Shands Hospital. (This may be the first time Shands has been referred to by its new formal name on GatorZone?)

A two-week timetable for Driskel's recovery would put him back on the field as Florida is beginning its second full week of fall practice. The Gators will begin fall practice this Friday, August 2.

But anything longer than two weeks may bring about an unwanted public peek at Florida's depth chart at quarterback: The first of Florida's four open fall practices happens on Thursday, August 15, and if Driskel's not healthy enough to participate, either Skyler Mornhinweg or Tyler Murphy is likely to be taking first-team reps.

Then again, Driskel missing two weeks of fall camp may result in him working with the first team about as often in fall practice as he did in 2012, when he was splitting reps with Jacoby Brissett leading up to Florida's season opener against Bowling Green. And if an appedectomy for a major contributor to this Florida football team had to happen after the spring, this is about as good as the timing for it can get.

Are you worried about Driskel missing time before the season starts? Or is it a good thing Driskel's appendix decided to become an issue now and not in October?


Andy Hutchins writes for Deadspin and is Alligator Army's managing editor. Follow Alligator Army on Twitter and Facebook.