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Chomping at Bits: Happy Fourth of July, Gators!

It's always nice to see Dominique Easley holding the flag.

Sam Greenwood

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Looking back at the best Florida uniforms ever: BRING. THEM. BACK. (Uniform Critics)

Will Grier recruiting hard for Florida: It's nice to have a top-end quarterback doing that. (Bud Elliott, SB Nation)

Playing Madden with Aaron Hernandez: It's weird now. (Samer Kalaf, Kotaku)

Are NFL players really getting arrested at a high rate? Not really. (Sally Jenkins, The Washington Post)

Two deep thinkers on basketball: Two-for-ones may not matter that much; eliminating paint buckets may be possible. (Ken Pomeroy, the blog | Henry Abbott, TrueHoop | ESPN)

Putting Indiana's NCAA Tournament underachievement in context: Take all this and realize, on the flip side, that Florida did more with much, much less. (Eamonn Brennan, Men's College Basketball Nation Blog | ESPN)

Yards per point is overrated: And that's good, because Florida's not likely to be good in it. (The Power Rank, Football Study Hall)

Learning to be more tolerant: How to do it, and what happens when you do. (Jenée Desmond-Harris, The Root | David Roth, SB Nation)

Your Gators moment of zen: Florida kicker Brad Phillips, y'all.

Because you need to listen to it now:

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