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Chomping at Bits: Chris Leak gets a promotion

Chris Leak became one of Florida's newest grad assistants recently.

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Doug Benc

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Chris Leak, Duke Lemmens named grad assistants: Basically, this means Leak and Lemmens can coach, not just break down film. And it sure is a quick promotion for Leak. (Chris Harry, Harry Fodder | GatorZone)

Brad Lawing's move to Florida: It sure is interesting that Lawing's saying he'd done everything he wanted to do at South Carolina a year before his last year coaching Jadeveon Clowney. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

An interview with NCAA 14's producer: Worth a read. (Cameron J. Underwood, State of The U)

Urban Meyer says his players are taught to "walk away": Perhaps this is a new development? (ESPN)

On sexual predation in the coaching ranks: A well-done, important story. (Nicolas Lewis, Mid-Major Madness)

SB Nation's Bill Connelly has a book out: It is called Study Hall, and it will teach you things. (Amazon)

There is a certain story conspicuously absent here: I'll be writing about it at length in a bit. Comment about it here if you must, but I'd prefer you save your comments for the subsequent post.

Do you like Chris Leak as a grad assistant? Are you happy with Brad Lawing so far? Would you like to never ever hear about Urban Meyer again? The comments are yours.


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