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Chomping at Bits: Antonio Morrison's suspension stands for now, Gators hope for more balanced offense

Antonio Morrison's suspension for the season opener against Toledo and the second game against Miami stand, for now.


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More balanced offense in the works: Everybody inside and outside the program knows that the offense needs to become more balanced. The problem with that is it's probably easier said than done. Though I think the passing game will make positive strides this year despite the recent injury setback. (David Jones, Florida Today)

Antonio Morrison's suspension stands: Will Muschamp says that Morrison will still serve a two-game suspension to begin the season against Toledo and Miami, for now. I have a feeling it won't be two games when it's all said and done though. (Jesse Simonton, The Miami Herald)

Players getting paid: Muschamp thinks that will happen in the future and unfortunately I agree with him. I guess the days of getting a free education at a major university are gone. (Jesse Simonton, The Miami Herald)

Florida's injury bug: A breakdown of all recent ACL things that have happened to the football team. I know, I know. Sigh. (Keith Momberg, iSportsweb)

Colin Thompson ready: Thompson (broken foot) is healthy and ready to go this year. (Kevin Brockway, The Gainesville Sun)

GatorCountry's recruiting mailbag: It's a few days old, but just in case you haven't seen it yet. Don't worry, it's free. (Andrew Spivey, GatorCountry)

Patric Young tutored on gridiron: This is awesome. Tyler Murphy and Trey Burton help Young do some of the football basics. (Kyle Ringo, The Dagger | Yahoo! Sports)

Basketball guards: For those of you who follow basketball more than I do, here you go. It's about the Gators' guard play for next season. (Trevor Lowry, RantSports)

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