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Chomping at Bits: Depth chart coming into focus as concerns linger at running back

As the coaching staff gets closer to finalizing the depth chart, one position remains open to a lot of... questions.


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Gators depth chart shaping up: Marcus Maye and Cody Riggs get the start at safety, which was talked about locally here by Gerald Riggs who is Cody's father. I like the move to start Riggs because I think it gives us a shifty, fast free safety who can cover one-on-one if needed. (Jesse Simonton, The Miami Herald)

Most established runner on the team is...: Jeff Driskel. Matt Jones needs to get back really soon. (Edgar Thompson, Orlando Sentinel)

Speaking of Matt Jones: Despite taking a blood test (which didn't reveal anything negative, because we would have heard something), Jones made an appearance at practice. Things finally appear to be turning around. (Edgar Thompson, Swamp Things/Orlando Sentinel)

Transfers helping out on offensive line: It's great for depth at least. (Antonya English, Tampa Bay Times)

What's the Gators' margin for error?: I'm not exactly sure, but I do agree in that it isn't very much. (Jon Cooper, Saturday Down South)

Robbies Playbook likes the passing game: I'm a fan of his optimism in the passing game, especially the rave reviews that Driskel keeps on getting. I swear I won't play the "I told you so" card with Driskel this year unless I'm compelled/provoked. (Robbie Andreu, Robbies Playbook/GatorSports)

Chris Walker might not make the grades: I think we're passed the point where we should be be thinking he'll make it on time. Hopefully he'll be on the team come conference time. (Peter Woodburn, SB Nation)

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