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Chomping at Bits: Florida Gators expect Toledo to bring their offense in a big way

Two and a half days. That's it. We're about to kick this thing off.


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Gators expect a face pace against Toledo: We'll cover some of this in-depth tomorrow morning in a Theater of Operations post, but the Gators expect Toledo to run 80 to 85 plays on offense Saturday. (Jesse Simonton, The Miami Herald)

Grading the 2013 Gators: The receivers better be better than a D+ or we could be in for a long season. As for the rest of the grades, there probably fair. (Jesse Simonton, The Miami Herald)

Answering questions: Should be fun. I will say that I expect the Gators to regress a little in the turnover margin. It's just bound to happen after last year, but I'm not expecting a doomsday 2011 type either. (Jesse Simonton, The Miami Herald)

Antonio Morrison gives an apology: He says it's all behind him. We'll see. (Jason Lieser, The Palm Beach Post)

Gators relieved to start: Anytime my local newspaper writes about the Gators, it's always a big deal by the area is solidly behind Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. But it's the heart of SEC Country... and the season is about to start. And the author has won quite a few sports awards. It's also worth nothing that he picks the Gators to win against Toledo, 31-14. (David Paschall, Chattanooga Times-Free Press)

Movie review: 2 Guns. Meh.

On another note: I love summer. It's probably my favorite time of the year, but I do like fall but a lot of that is just because of the sports scene. Football (college and pro) begins, hockey begins, NASCAR begins its chase and baseball heads to the playoffs.

James Blake retires: Sad day for tennis. He's one of the good ones.

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