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Chomping at Bits: Gameday eve, and the 2013 Alligator Army Pick'em

We're 25 hours from kickoff.

Sam Greenwood

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Jeff Driskel learning to slide: As he should be. (Adam Silverstein, Only Gators)

It's Driskel's team: Good feature here. (Phil Heilman, The Independent Florida Alligator)

Kirk Herbstreit regrets saying Florida could end season unranked: Herbstreit seems like a guy who doesn't like being criticized. (Edgar Thompson, Orlando Sentinel)

Join the Alligator Army Pick'em: No prize — yet. And no major problems if you don't get around to registering for a couple of weeks, because it's set to drop your worst two weeks at the moment. (If you're registered: The Alligator Army Pick'em)

Fan Initiatives for Saturday: Or: Tips to Keep You Alive. (GatorZone)

Ronald Powell's ready: As he should be. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

How Herb Hand survived: A superb piece of work from Spencer. (Spencer Hall, Every Day Should Be Saturday)

Few prospects expected in town: Which is good, because it's Toledo. (Zach Abolverdi, Gator Prospectus | The Gainesville Sun)

Savannah Jordan's hot start: More on women's soccer (and volleyball) later today. (Jenna Perlman, GatorZone)

Your Gators moment of zen:

That's Solomon Patton's daughter, Mia. Caption: "My motivation...! #beattoledo #gogators"

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