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Chomping at Bits: More details on Matt Jones' viral infection

Florida's starting running back was waylaid by a "fast and vicious" viral infection.

Kevin C. Cox

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More details on Matt Jones' viral infection: Good news: It really is viral, not bacterial. Bad news: It was "fast and vicious," and sounds like it may take longer to recover than we think. (Antonya English, Tampa Bay Times)

Will Muschamp talks after Friday's practice: Didn't embed this over the weekend. Whoops.

The Tebow problem: Guys like Aaron Hernandez get more shots, because they're better at football. (Bomani Jones, The Shadow League)

Some very stupid people tried to break into the Gainesville Best Buy on Sunday: Like, with a sledgehammer.(Facebook)

Is Gainesville getting 150 Mbps Internet? Sounds like that might be true. (captainguinness, /GNV/)

Your Gators moment of zen: This is great, except for the music.

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