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Florida vs. Toledo, Theater of Operations: Jeff Driskel OK; Valdez Showers, Kelvin Taylor shine

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Our second video review of the Gators win over Toledo from Saturday brings us to Jeff Driskel, Valdez Showers and Kelvin Taylor.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Driskel did what he was asked to do against the Toledo Rockets, completing 17 of 22 passes for 153 yards and a touchdown. Driskel didn't shine, but he wasn't bad, either. He was efficient, managed the game to perfection, and didn't try to do too much. He did add eight rushes for 19 yards, but you could tell that the coaching staff was trying to preserve his legs for the rest of the season.

During this review, we'll look at Driskel's day, but also look at Kelvin Taylor and Valdez Showers, who both subbed in at running back due to a lack of depth at the position. Taylor finished the day with five carries for 43 yards, and Showers added two carries for 31 yards.

They both looked good, as Taylor reminded people of his father and Showers showed why the coaches moved him to the offensive side of the ball from defensive back over the summer. Showers added four receptions for 23 yards; it's not like all he did was run the ball.

Play No. 1: Showers' 29-yard run


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Showers' first carry of the game was worth the wait, as he would take the pitch after the fake handoff to Hunter Joyer. Also note that the play will be to the weak side of the defense, as you can see that Toledo is stacked to the left side.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

As the fake handoff to Joyer occurs, you can see that there are two defenders who are playing assignment football correctly. But Showers shows his speed and will evade them and get down the field.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Showers gets the edge easily and is off to the races. Showers looks to be a great change of pace/scat back going forward so we'll see how much his playing time he gets as the season moves on.

Play No. 2: Taylor's 27-yard run


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

What's surprising here is that the Toledo defense has seven defenders in the box (they're clearly expecting run), but, as the play develops, you can see that they are expecting a run up the middle. Taylor has other ideas.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

How great of a player is Joyer? The Gators have had some great fullbacks of late, and he's one of them. He gets a great block here behind the line of scrimmage (yellow square).


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Fred's son has speed, too. A great burst at the line means that Taylor blows by a diving defender which leads to this...


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

How great it is to see the name Taylor on the back of a No. 21 jersey?

Play No. 3: Driskel is sacked by Cheatham Morris


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Driskel is going to attempt a three-step drop, but the blitzing defense of Toledo has other ideas for him. This is also part of why Brown is the backup running back and not the starter.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

This play is probably the only thing that Brown did wrong the entire game. He is supposed to pick up the edge blocker, but he's too concerned with heading out and catching a pass that he doesn't even think about picking up the block. These plays are usually timed in such a way that if Brown doesn't see anybody to block in a set amount of time, he is supposed to head out for a pass.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Once Brown heads out for the pass (yellow line), it allows the defender (green circle) a clear path to Driskel. There is nothing Driskel could have done differently here, aside from maybe hanging onto the football.

Play No. 4: Driskel's four-yard touchdown pass to Gideon Ajagbe


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Just a quick rollout to the right. Ajagbe won't have a defender within 10 yards of him, and will be wide open at around the 5.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Okay, so maybe there is a defender within 10 yards, and Driskel didn't have to roll out as much as the play called for, but who can complain? If it's open that early, take it. Also, there are some good blocks around the line of scrimmage.


(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

And the fans are excited. I like it.

We'll have some things on the defense tomorrow, but I'm mostly pleased with the rest of the offense. Driskel looked good, he maybe could have done a few things differently (I think he had maybe two throws, at the most, that were bad) and Showers and Taylor looked like they will be involved in the offense for a long time.