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Video: Will Muschamp, Jeff Driskel address the media on Monday of Miami Week

Florida's coach and quarterback talked to the media Monday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This Labor Day Monday doesn't quite feel like the beginning to Miami Week — and we've still got a few more things to wrap up from Florida's weekend win over Toledo — but Will Muschamp and Jeff Driskel took very few Toledo questions and many more Miami ones in their Monday press conferences, which you can watch below thanks to GatorVision.

Muschamp sounds very pleased with his team after its first game, citing Florida's 9-2 edge in "explosives" — Muschampese for big runs and passes — and what was essentially a 2-1 edge in turnovers, thanks to a fourth-down stop. He delivered a couple of important injury updates, namely that D.J. Humphries, who sprained his MCL on Saturday, is expected to fully participate in practice by Wednesday, and that Matt Jones will play against Miami.

Beyond that, there's not a heck of a lot that's notable. Muschamp shows his amazing recall when dredging up a story of Zach Thomas stopping a play that he didn't know was coming while Muschamp was coaching the Miami Dolphins' defense (this was partly to illustrate what the "innate instincts" linebacker Antonio Morrison has are good for), and tosses off "And you do have to practice here now" right at the end of the presser, a thinly-veiled shot at Urban Meyer's less stringent requirements for getting snaps on Saturday.

If Muschamp was relatively uninteresting, Driskel was hanging verbal wallpaper. In a sense, it's good that he doesn't really have anything interesting to say to the average fan, and sounds really comfortable working within the offensive system, because that's almost exactly what Muschamp probably wants out of his quarterback. Driskel does say that he realizes that he has to take better care of the ball after fumbling twice, and that Trey Burton "knows every position on every pass play," which is interesting to a wonk like me, but, well, don't watch this while drowsy.


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