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Florida vs. Toledo: 25 predictions, reviewed

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Half right, half wrong.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I could've done better with these 25 predictions for Florida's opener against Toledo. I also could've done much, much worse.

  1. Florida will not score first.
    Wrong. Florida's 84-yard touchdown drive was actually very impressive.
  2. Florida will lead by double digits in the first half.
    Right. Florida took a 10-0 lead early in the second quarter.
  3. Florida will never trail by more than a field goal.
    Right. Florida never trailed.
  4. Jeff Driskel will throw for more than 200 yards.
    Wrong. But I was closer than you think: Solomon Patton's drop probably cost Driskel 20-30 yards, and the two passes batted down at the line of scrimmage might have been worth 10-20. He was only 47 yards from 200.
  5. Driskel will have no runs of more than 20 yards.
    Right. Driskel's long run on the day went for 10 yards.
  6. Mack Brown will have at least 15 carries.
    Right. 25, in fact.
  7. Kelvin Taylor will have at least five carries.
    Right. Best backdoor cover there will ever be in 25 Predictions history: Taylor's five carries were the final five plays of the game.
  8. Demarcus Robinson will have at least four catches.
    Wrong. Targeted once or twice (depending on where you think Driskel was going on plays where the ball didn't get past the line of scrimmage), but no catches.
  9. Florida will score at least two passing touchdowns.
    Wrong. Just the one, though Driskel's miss of Quinton Dunbar was close.
  10. Florida will employ Trenton Brown at some point, whether in its unbalanced line look or garbage-time action.
    Right. Brown was on the field a lot, for at least 15 snaps. He stood out like a mountain throughout.
  11. Dante Fowler will have at least one sack.
    Wrong. Hard-luck miss here: Fowler chased Toledo QB Terrence Owens into Ronald Powell's sack.
  12. Florida will allow more than 4.0 yards per carry.
    Wrong. Toledo got just 3.1 yards per carry.
  13. Ronald Powell will be, by some margin, the best of Florida's linebackers.
    Wrong. Nothing against Powell, who had the only sack from the LB corps, but he wasn't demonstrably better than the rest of a very good unit on Saturday.
  14. Neiron Ball will make a big play.
    Right. Ball broke up a pass with a nice hit and basically caught a Toledo receiver on a third down, completely killing his momentum.
  15. Vernon Hargreaves III will see action on Florida's first defensive drive.
    Wrong. Hargreaves was involved in the first half, though.
  16. Marcus Maye will be involved in a turnover.
    Wrong. Maye was good, but took a back seat to Cody Riggs.
  17. Marcus Roberson will not get burned on the day.
    Right. Roberson also probably shouldn't have been flagged for the pass interference he was charged with in the third quarter.
  18. Bernard Reedy will have fewer than 100 yards receiving.
    Right. Reedy led Toledo ... with 50 yards.
  19. Florida's defense will allow fewer than 5.5 yards per play.
    Right. How about 3.80?
  20. Florida will force at least two turnovers.
    Wrong. Technically, anyway. Florida got an interception from Hargreaves, and stopped Toledo on a fourth down. Will Muschamp hinted that he kinda feels like that stop was a turnover on Monday, but that's not how it goes in the books.
  21. Kyle Christy will launch at least two punts of 50 or more yards.
    Wrong. Christy had an off day, with his only punt of more than 50 yards needing a fortuitous bounce to get its final 15 or so yards.
  22. Austin Hardin will make a field goal from 40 or more yards.
    Wrong. Hardin actually didn't attempt a field goal from further than 40, but faded a 39-yarder left from the right hash.
  23. Florida will make a big play on special teams.
    Right. Marcus Roberson's 38-yard punt return to set Florida up in Toledo territory counts.
  24. Florida will win the fourth quarter.
    Right. I'm giving myself this one because Florida had two scoring chances to Toledo's none and outgained Toledo, 104 yards to 21 yards, in the period.
  25. Florida will win, 34-17.
    Wrong. 24-6 was one point off on margin of victory, though.

Last Week: 12-of-25 (48 percent) 
Season To Date: 12-of-25 (48 percent)