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SEC Power Poll, Week 1: Alabama on top, Florida sixth

After looking very much like the 2012 Gators, the 2013 Gators get some of that leftover disrespect in the first week of the 2013 SEC Power Poll.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama reigns, though not unanimously, in the Week 1 SEC Power Poll, and Florida comes in sixth after its perfunctory season-opening win over Toledo.

SEC Power Poll, Week 1

Team Points First-Place Votes
Alabama 153 10
LSU 141 1
South Carolina 127 0
Texas A&M 120 0
Georgia 112 0
Florida 105 0
Mississippi 86 0
Vanderbilt 69 0
Arkansas 59 0
Auburn 53 0
Tennessee 47 0
Missouri 37 0
Mississippi State 33 0
Kentucky 13 0

Because I submitted my ballot late last night, and don't totally remember my ordering, I can't reproduce it, but I do know that I had Alabama first and Florida fourth, behind — I think — LSU and Georgia. And I think I had South Carolina fifth and Texas A&M sixth. Really, if I could have tied LSU, Georgia, and Florida for second and South Carolina and Texas A&M for fifth, that would've been great. You can see some of my comments over at Team Speed Kills; I'm going to try to make sure to post an open ballot before submitting it each week so that I can get feedback from y'all.

I do think Florida's being a bit disrespected here, because the skepticism about Florida's offense from the first 11 games of 2012 is back in full force, as if that 12th game against one of the highest-rated and fully-stocked defenses in the country didn't happen.

As for Kentucky: The dregs stay the dregs.


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