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Florida vs. Miami, Poll Position: Gators get No. 9/No. 12, Miami joins Coaches Poll

The USA TODAY Coaches Poll sees the Florida-Miami game as a matchup of ranked teams. The AP Poll dropped the Gators despite a win.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida is No. 9 in the Week 2 USA TODAY Coaches Poll earlier on Tuesday, and No. 12 in the Week 2 AP Top 25. And that means the Gators rose in the coaches' (well, "coaches'") eyes — and fell two spots with scribes.

Florida's 24-6 win over Toledo was many things, but not flashy, which probably partially explains how LSU and Florida State, teams that emphatically put flags down in the ground in primetime, moved past the Gators, who were previously No. 10, in the AP poll. The coaches' poll is typically more beholden to inertia, which explains Georgia's loss to Clemson getting the Bulldogs jettisoned from the top 10, with Florida moving up one spot from No. 10 to No. 9 as a byproduct.

Florida will have a chance to make a statement this weekend in Miami, where the Hurricanes loom as a fringe top 25 team — Miami is tied for No. 24 with TCU in the USA TODAY poll, and the first team outside the AP Top 25 — and/or the best team in Florida that isn't Florida State or UCF, depending on what you're reading. But that game, too, takes place at noon, and Miami lacks the national profile of TCU, and Jeff Driskel likely won't carve up a Miami secondary that is touted by many to be markedly worse than the Pittsburgh secondary Jameis Winston vivisected.



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