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Chomping at Bits: Why Miami hates "The Gator"

Miami fans hate Florida because Florida is one of the few schools to have ever rivaled Miami.

This was an interesting sartorial choice.
This was an interesting sartorial choice.
Joel Auerbach

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Why Miami fans hate "The Gator": And here I thought it was because Miami fans live mostly in cocaine hazes and mistakenly think gators threaten shipments of the the good stuff from Latin America. (Larry "The Amigo ®" Milian, State of The U)

How Florida started the Miami dynasty: You're welcome. (Andrea Adelson, ESPN)

The end of the rivalry: Man, it sure is a shame that athletic directors have priorities other than perpetuating rivalries lots of people like. (Linda Robertson, Miami Herald)

A gallery of Florida-Miami: Plenty of cool old photos here. (ESPN)

The Numerical, Week 1: Look at all the pretty numbers that don't pertain to Florida! (Bill Connelly, SB Nation)

Jerry Tarkanian may have kept Florida State from winning an NCAA Tournament: Thanks, Tark! (Michael Rogner, Run the Floor)

Do you hate Miami or Miami fans more? The comments are yours.


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