UF-UM: We charge into danger...

When ever I think about Florida playing Miami in any sport, I think about this take down by Gainesville's Against Me:

Against Me! - Miami (live) (via osceola13)

Fukn' Miami has always thought they were hot sh*t, despite the fact that they have only had a few years of relevance in the lifetimes of their current players. In this regard, they are Georgia without the red pants and same amount of boob jobs. (Georgia is an underrated fake boobs school.) To be fair, I don't hate either UGA or UM as academic institutions, just their phony fan base. (Only a UM guy could write an article like that and point out, without any irony, that two of UM's most notable fans never attended the school.)

I don't think Miami sucks, but I do expect Florida to win in front of about 50,000 Gator fans who will give Miami their only sell out of the season (which, by the way, we don't get a big enough cut of). I don't expect a blow out, but just enough danger to make it interesting. As for continuing the series with the Hurricanes, I would enjoy that. But, we already play enough teams with terrible fans.

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