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Chomping at Bits: Treon Harris isn't ready to be the starting quarterback

We're back talking about the quarterback position, Third Down For What and Waffle House.


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Will Muschamp sticks with Jeff Driskel: For better or worse, right? Also, I'd like to see what the older crowd thinks of the quarterback situation and not just those on social media. (Richard Johnson, The Independent Florida Alligator)

Jeff Driskel knows how to win in Knoxville: "Rocky Top, you'll always be..." I'm tired of it already. At least we've got a chance to not hear it so much. (Richard Johnson, The Florida Times-Union)

Boosting the passing game: It's priority No. 1 and it should be. Things could get out of hand if the Gators are unable to throw the ball around in Neyland Stadium. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Treon Harris isn't quite ready: This is why he's not the starting quarterback, folks. (Jonathan Czupryn, The Independent Florida Alligator)

The buck stops with Muschamp: Because it would otherwise be Chris Leak, I guess? (Nick de la Tore, GatorCountry)

SEC West: With three Top-25 matchups this weekend, the SEC West is the best division in college football. It's probably the best division in college football that we've seen in a long, long time. (Associated Press, The Gainesville Sun)

"Turn Down For What": Or is it Third Down For What? The Vols play it every time their defense is on the field in a third-down situation. That will be more annoying than Rocky Top.

Speaking of Lil Jon: It's an okay song, but here's the background info. (Brett Edgerton, SEC Blog/ESPN)

Michigan is 43-38 since Lloyd Carr left: And people think we've got problems.

Pete Rose: Should never be in the baseball Hall of Fame.

So, Wendy's has BBQ: The BBQ cheese fries are good, with smoky sauce at least. But I'll admit that's all I've tried so far.

Best Waffle House hash brown "toppings":

  1. Smothered
  2. Covered
  3. Diced
  4. Country
  5. Peppered
  6. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Waffle House, that translates as: Cheese, onions, tomatoes, sausage gravy and jalapeno peppers. Topped, which is chili, is the only other acceptable one.

    The comments are yours.