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Treon Harris thanks "everyone" for support through "the whole situation" on Instagram

Florida's freshman QB speaks out for the first time since a sexual battery complaint was filed against him.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

With the sexual battery complaint against Treon Harris withdrawn, Harris himself is likely to return to the public eye after spending a week out of it while suspended from the University of Florida and Florida's football team.

He began this on Friday with this post from a protected Instagram account that has been associated with him since his high school days.

I wanna thank everybody who supported me through this whole situation with the prayers and the love #TheComeBack #GodIsGreat

Harris is still in limbo, and has not been formally reinstated by either Florida or the Gators, though he is likely to be reinstated by both bodies in time. Florida reportedly has to complete a Title IX investigation into the handling of the complaint against Harris and resolve any pending actions related to possible violations of the Student Code of Conduct before his full reinstatement.

Harris is unlikely to play this weekend against LSU. Once reinstated, Harris is likely to share quarterback duties with Jeff Driskel, at a minimum.