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LSU 30, Florida 27: Gators go down in unbelievable fashion

Even on a night when so much went right, why wouldn't everything eventually go wrong for the Gators?

Rob Foldy

Florida didn't deserve to win this one.

LSU did, if only by default.

Colby Delahoussaye hit a 50-yard field goal with three seconds remaining — after officials called a timeout that gave LSU 10 seconds to spike the ball and stop the clock, after a tipped pass by Jeff Driskel became an interception that gave LSU new life, after Florida forced a three-and-out to get a chance at a second game-winning drive, after Florida got a game-tying field goal on a drive keyed by an unfathomable Driskel bomb to Demarcus Robinson and submarined by a stunning drop in the end zone by Tevin Westbrook, after LSU converted a third and 25 on a 41-yard pass (with a personal foul against Florida tacked on for good measure) and scored a go-ahead touchdown on an absurd one-handed catch, and after Florida turned an incredible Andre Debose punt return into a touchdown on a great Driskel throw to Robinson, all in the last 10 minutes of play — to give LSU the 30-27 win.

But this was a bizarre game all night, with Debose making plays — on a punt return touchdown, the first of his career, and a 35-yard carry on a jet sweep, the longest of his career, and a second great punt return — and Driskel running well (21 carries, 71 yards, one TD) and Florida's previously stout run defense getting run over by LSU freshman Leonard Fournette (140 yards, two TDs). Driskel played both horribly (as many expected) and wonderfully (as few did); LSU was wholly incompetent through the air before hitting a single pass for more than a third of its passing yardage; Florida's playcalling alternated between brilliant and bone-headed; seemingly every 50-50 call went against the Gators or for the Tigers.

With under a minute to go, Florida wide receiver Latroy Pittman was hit hard on the pass play that produced Driskel's second interception, and stayed down for 10 minutes on the turf, before being immobilized, moved to a stretcher, and removed from the field, with a thumbs-up coming as a relief to thousands in attendance and many more watching.

And though our thoughts and prayers will be with Pittman, that was sort of a side note.

This was an unbelievable game in almost every sense of the word.

But Florida lost, and we can all certainly believe that.