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Chomping at Bits: Gators set to roll with two quarterbacks

The Florida Gators are set to roll with two quarterbacks against the Missouri Tigers on Saturday while we're still talking tailgating.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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Driskel to start as Harris readies: I think we can all say that this is the correct call. (Adam Silverstein, Only Gators)

With two SEC losses, the Gators aren't counting themselves out: Even though almost everone else is. At least the SEC East is having a down year. (Richard Johnson, The Florida Times-Union)

Defense remains focused on execution: Because at this moment that's all that's left, right? (Ryan Randall, Gator Country)

Tevin Westbrook admits to lack of focus: I feel bad for him and all, but you just can't drop that ball. At the same time, though that catch would have been the game-winner  likely, it's not all on him. (Robbie Andreu, The Gainesville Sun)

Florida receivers struggling to catch: This has been a trend for a while now, nothing to see here. (Jonathan Czupryn, The Independent Florida Alligator).

Hunter Dale impressed with fans: The 2015 safety enjoyed his visit to Gainesville. (Andrew Spivey, GatorCountry)

Fans want Dan Mullen: We'll see. But two websites popped up ... and for what? To pay his salary? Movers? (Jeff Barlis, SEC Blog/ESPN)

Alligator Army Tailgate: This Saturday. Time to be determined, but we'll get there.

Gone Girl: Kind of want to see it.

*A quick editorial note: My postings will be a little light for the next week or so. I'm not taking a break, so you can breath,  haha,  but due to an unfortunate event ... yeah. This will be fun on a tablet.*

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