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Photos: Florida basketball shows off new road uniforms for 2014-15

The Gators' road jerseys may have a bit more black than they used to...


The Florida Gators are getting a new and slightly different basketball jersey template for 2014-15 — we saw the home jerseys and shorts two weeks ago, while the team participated in a preseason photo shoot.

Those jerseys, mostly white, had significantly more orange than the ones Florida wore over the last three years. The road jerseys, mostly blue, appear to have a bit more black:

Presuming that the pattern for the shorts — a narrow band outlining a wider field of one color that runs down to a ring around the hem of the shorts — remains the same on the road jerseys, Florida will have a black field bounded by orange running down the side of its shorts, with the field also running around the hem.

That, I think, has the potential to look fairly ugly — fields of black as a secondary color on uniforms are not what's up — though I'll reserve my full judgment, as I'm doing with the home uniforms that I like a fair bit, until I see them on the floor and in action.

Update: Here's a much better picture of the side of the shorts. Feels a little Tron-ish to me for some reason.