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Florida vs. Missouri, Game Thread, Second Half: Why, God, why?

Play Missouri for Homecoming, they said! It'll be fun, they said!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida's homecoming weekend seemed to go swimmingly up to this point, but the most important component isn't going the way Gators fans, friends and families imagined. If this were a finale firework show, the performance would have started late, two of the first sets of fireworks have been duds, one of the roman candles would've fired off into a crowd of children...

But at least the weather is nice!

So far, Mizzou returner Marcus Murphy broke a Missouri record, Jeff Driskel is on pace to break the turnover meter backwards, and Will Muschamp is currently breaking all of our hearts slowly and painfully.

I mean, I knew they were going to play both QBs and go with the hot hand, but I'm not sure how putting the guy back in who already has a turnover and just threw an interception defines "the hot hand". BUT WHAT DO I KNOW, I'M JUST A GUY WITH WI-FI CONNECTION.