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Video: Andre' Woodson breaks down Jeff Driskel for Saturday Down South

Former Kentucky QB Andre' Woodson breaks down Jeff Driskel's game.

We've all seen Jeff Driskel struggle this season. But few of us — maybe none of us — have seen it through the eyes of a quarterback who spent years in the SEC.

Andre' Woodson has that experience, though, and that's part of what makes this breakdown of Driskel's play in 2014 for Saturday Down South so compelling. Woodson doesn't just see the reads Driskel sees — he sees plays as they should be, and defensive alignments as hints, and blitz pickups (or lack thereof) as good plays or mistakes by both Driskel and his teammates. (This is the sort of thing I've been hoping SDS would do, now that it has the money to pay for expert analysis.)

It's unfortunate that the only play from the Alabama game Woodson chooses to showcase here is Driskel's touchdown pass to Valdez Showers, because there was plenty to learn from the rest of the game, certainly, but spend 10 minutes watching this and you'll learn something. I did.