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Photos/video: Florida basketball unveils new home uniforms for 2014-15

The Gators are getting new home uniforms ... with a lot more orange.


We should have known this morning that new 2014-15 basketball uniforms for the Florida Gators were going to be unveiled this afternoon. I mean, this is a giveaway:

Sure enough, the @GatorZoneMBK account delivered on its promise with pictures of the Gators' new duds on Twitter and Instagram, also posting a video to the latter account.

Florida forward/center Chris Walker and forward Alex Murphy also tweeted pictures of the back of the home uniforms, which appears largely unchanged except for a larger back panel showing the same design of alligator scales and Gators national championship trophies that has been on the back of those jerseys since the 2011-12 season.

The major difference that you can see on the uniforms themselves is the side striping, which is very, very orange, and replaces a more subdued white stripe bordered by orange and blue pinstripes from the uniforms the Gators have worn for the last three years. That stripe also appears to run around the hem of the shorts.

As Adam Silverstein of Only Gators notes, the collar on the uniforms is also a solid blue, while last year's uniforms had a white break at the front of the collar.

Here are a handful of shots of what the side striping, shorts, collar, and back looked like on last year's home whites, taken by Ronald Martinez and Tom Pennington of Getty at the 2014 Final Four:

I grew to really, really like those uniforms, after being a little skeptical on them at first, and I think the orange on these new ones is a significant downgrade, though we're obviously working from some low-resolution shots so far, and I don't mind keeping what is more or less the same Nike Hyper Elite template. I'm reserving the right to change my mind, though.

What do you think?