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Reports: Decision on Will Muschamp's future yet to be made; Florida coach to go recruiting

Will Muschamp might get just a little more rope with which to hang his job.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Will Muschamp's future as Florida head coach appears to be a short one, but two Sunday reports from plugged-in reporters suggested that his tenure will at least last a little while longer.

The list of people who would have told both Dooley and Jones something like this is quite short, and might only be as long as Jeremy Foley's name. But, regardless of the sourcing, two reports like that from different outlets should make it clear that, despite the caterwauling that has been done about Muschamp being Florida's coach and is to come should he remain so through the 2014 season, Foley and Florida's athletics program are unlikely to make a decision with haste ... or, at least, that a decision isn't coming this week or next.

That Dooley tweet certainly sounds like a "Lose to Georgia and Muschamp's gone" implication to me, and Florida firing Muschamp and forcing a dramatic reshuffling of the deck two weeks before a game in which a currently unfathomable win could bring Florida back to the driver's seat in the SEC East would be bolder than I expect from Foley, to be sure.

While Muschamp's future at Florida remains a pitiful hypothetical, though, he's going recruiting, like a coach must, per Luke Stampini of 247Sports ($). This is exactly what Muschamp should be doing at the beginning of a bye week, given that he still has his job, so it's a pretty good assumption that he still has his job.

Dunno if it's going to go too well, though. Here is an imagining of how conversations with Muschamp will go on the recruiting trail this week:


MUSCHAMP: "Well, I hope so!"

RECRUIT/RECRUIT'S PARENT/RECRUIT'S COACH/RECRUIT'S DOG: " know we all saw that game on Saturday, right?

And what can he say to that?