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Jeremy Foley will "evaluate" Will Muschamp, Florida's season "as it plays out"

This isn't the blood you're looking for. But it may be a hint of when that could spill.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

With frustrations boiling over and Florida's season in shambles, many eyes in Gator Nation have turned to athletic director Jeremy Foley, hopeful for a quick dismissal of head coach Will Muschamp in the wake of an embarrassing Homecoming loss to Missouri.

That's not what a statement from Foley released Monday afternoon by GatorZone provides.

"At the beginning of the season we said we would evaluate the season as it plays out. We will continue to do so. Our sole focus right now is supporting our coaching staff and players as they prepare for Georgia."

Terse, clipped, and notably devoid of any mention of Muschamp by name, this feels on its face like an effort to appease people who needed Foley to say something, anything, even though firing Muschamp today would have run counter to basically everything about the Foley ethos.

But the statement is a shift from the language used in comments to the Orlando Sentinel last month, which ended with Foley saying "We'll see where we are when we get to the end of the season."

To me, while this mostly seems like saying nothing, it seems to be moving the goalposts up for Muschamp — and perhaps setting a win over Georgia as the bad his Gators must clear for him to have a job two weeks from today.