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Treon Harris being investigated in alleged sexual battery, suspended by Florida

Florida's Treon Harris saved the day for the Gators on Saturday. By the end of the night, he may have committed a crime far more serious.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the sequence of events that is unfolding in Gainesville today:

1. Florida cancelled its Monday press conference.

2. Almost immediately, Associated Press reporter Mark Long issued this tweet.

3. FLORIDA TODAY's David Jones noted the rarity of a press conference being cancelled.

4. Everyone freaked out. Or made "jokes."

5. Pat Dooley followed Long with a less cryptic tweet.

6. Everyone wondered what the hell was going on. Sources were confused.

7. Dave Jones dropped the bomb: Treon Harris is "being investigated" in a "legal matter."

Jones also reported that this does not involve the future of Will Muschamp.

8. Richard Johnson reported Harris is suspended.

The Gainesville Sun's Zach Abolverdi reports that Harris is suspended indefinitely.

9. Jones published an article on the matter.

A source close to the investigation has confirmed that the University of Florida police department is investigating University of Florida quarterback Treon Harris for a possible felony charge.

The source, speaking to FLORIDA TODAY, confirmed that Harris in all likelihood will be suspended from Saturday's LSU football game.


The source also said possible prosecution sounds extremely difficult.

10. Morgan Moriarty noted this ominous entry on the UF Police Department incident log.

The Springs Complex is where the majority of UF athletes who live on campus live. Harris, likely living on campus as a freshman, is very likely to be a Springs resident.

That, of course, does not mean that there's any connection between that incident and Harris.

11. Kevin Brockway tweeted from the Sun newsroom:

That would be at odds with an incident report from late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

12. Jones's TODAY story disappeared.

We have a screenshot.

13. WUFT, UF's on-campus TV station, reported that Harris's investigation has to do with an encounter with a female student.

Certainly, and sadly, this is starting to sound very much like sexual assault, sexual battery, or rape.

14. Jones's story resurfaced, with better editing.

As in, a certain line has been cut:

15. Florida has released a statement.

16. Jones reported that a source told him this is a "he said, she said" case.

17. Florida running backs Kelvin Taylor and Brandon Powell sent tweets of note.

Powell sent this and deleted it with an half-hour.

18. Yahoo! Sports's Pat Forde reported that no arrest has been made, per UPD.

19. Mike Bianchi tweeted the first quote I've seen from Huntley Johnson, the lawyer representing Harris.

Bianchi also tweets an Orlando Sentinel report with information from Johnson.

20. A Gainesville Police Department Forensic Crime Unit truck is photographed outside Springs.

21. GPD clarified its role in this case.

The Gainesville Police Department’s Forensic Crime Unit has been asked by the University of Florida Police Department to assist in collecting possible items of forensic evidence on UF campus related to the recently-announced investigation of Treon Harris.

The Gainesville Police Department will not have an active role in the filing of any charges in this case as it falls in the jurisdiction of the University of Florida Police Department.

Forensic evidence collection, testing and analysis takes at least several weeks to be completed. Due to the open and active investigation, GPD will be unable to comment on any forensic evidence collected.

The only role of the Gainesville Police Department at this time is with the Forensic Crime Unit.


This is serious. Be serious about it here, or you will be made to be childish about it elsewhere.